INNITIUS: developing and commercializing novel devices to improve patient outcomes and lower the costs of preterm labor

Innitius has developed Fine Birth, a novel patented diagnostic tool that measures the shear mechanical properties of a pregnant woman’s cervix in order to accurately and cost effectively differentiate between true preterm labor events and false threatened preterm labor

Fine Birth is being developed as a standalone portable/handheld system as well as for use as an add-on to existing ultrasound-systems currently in place or being sold today.

Fine Birth is designed to facilitate an evidence based decision-making process relating to Preterm labor (PTL) using a combination of torsional waves and artificial intelligence to measure the shear mechanical properties of the mother’s cervix and provide a clear interpretation to drive decision making.  The Clinical goal of the device is to differentiate between false pre-term labor and true labor and by doing so improve patient outcomes and lower the costs associated with the unnecessary hospitalization and administration of therapeutics to false preterm labor patients.  The Fine Birth device will allow doctors to diagnose the risk of delivery in real time, and to detect false preterm labor, delivering substantial positive benefits to both patients, their families and payors.

With a low cost per patient tested and with no contraindications, the test can be easily applied by any obstetrician in any healthcare environment where Threatened PTL patients may be initially seen: OB office, emergency department or maternity ward.

In addition to this first indication, Innitius will be developing two additional indications for use to broaden the utility of the device in women’s health: monitoring of induced labor; and cervical incompetency.