Torsional waves


About Innitius

Innitius was established in 2017 as a spinoff of the University of Granada (UGR) and the Andalusian Public Health System (SAS) born as a result of several research projects starting in 2012 that developed into the Fine Birth device for preterm labor diagnosis.

What started in 2007 as a continuum mechanics theoretical research project by Dr. Guillermo Rus (Civil Engineer, University of Granada and Innitius co-founder) turned into a novel patented new sensor system able to measure with extremely high sensitivity the mechanical property (consistency) changes of soft tissue. In 2012 the engineering team began applying its knowledge to the Gynecology & Obstetric field together with Francisca Molina, MD, (an obstetrician in the Andalusian Public Health System and Innitius co-founder), creating the Biomechanics Group (IBS). Since then, the group has become a multidisciplinary team which combines engineering and medical expertise to create diagnostic solutions.

The first product, Fine Birth is designed to facilitate an evidence based decision-making process relating to Preterm labor (PTL) using a combination of torsional ultrasound waves and artificial intelligence to measure the shear mechanical properties of the mother’s cervix and provide a clear interpretation to drive decision making.  The Clinical goal of the device is to differentiate between false pre-term labor and true labor and by doing so improve patient outcomes and lower the costs associated with the unnecessary hospitalization and administration of therapeutics to false preterm labor patients.  The Fine Birth device will allow doctors to diagnose the risk of delivery in real time, and to detect false preterm labor, delivering substantial positive benefits to both patients, their families and payors.

In addition to this first indication, Innitius will be developing two additional indications for use to broaden the utility of the device in women’s health:  monitoring of induced labor; and cervical incompetency.

The Innitius team brings technology expertise and know-how, along with an intimate knowledge of the challenge’s obstetricians face and the solutions they are looking for, which it combines to develop transformative, novel and patented solutions for the market indication.  The company will then leverage the existing expertise of contract manufacturers and the commercial power of its distribution partners and licensees to bring those products to the market to impact patient care and healthcare costs.