Torsion ultrasound


We are focused on supporting specialist decision-making-process. Innitius develops and offers reliable in-vivo technologies which anticipate early enough the pathologies diagnostic through the use of torsional waves principle.

About Innitius

Innitius is a Spinoff of University of Granada (UGr) and Andalusian Public Health System (SAS) born as a result of several common research projects which have given finally the Fine Birth device.

What started in 2007 as a Continuum mechanics theoretical research by Dr. Guillermo Rus (Civil Engineer, University of Granada) has turn into a new sensor system able to measure with extremely high sensitivity the soft tissue mechanical properties changes. It was 2012 when the engineer team started to applied its knowledge to the Gynecology & Obstetric field with Md. Francisca Molina (Andalusian Public Health System), creating the Biomechanics Group (IBS).  Since then, we have turn into a multidisciplinary team which perfectly combines engineering and medicine to create diagnostic solutions.

Established as a company in 2018 we work at present on the Fine Birth development, being our main objective to change the gynecology & obstetrics praxis through the improvement of delivery associated events diagnosis.
We have a long way to reach the centers… but the goal is totally deserved and the path is absolutely exiting!