FranciscaMolina-Scientific Advisor

Francisca Molina

Clinical Advisor

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada (99) and Doctor of Medicine specialty in medicine and fetal surgery (09).

After completing her studies in Medicine and specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics, she did the sub-specialty in London with Professor Kypros Nicolaides, internationally recognized as the “Father of Fetal Medicine”.

Her 3 year stay at King’s College Hospital (London) in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine unit managed by Kypros changed her professional career as well as her perception about the patients attention and the great impact that her work can have on change the history of this specialty.

The best research on fetal issues, preterm delivery and complications during pregnancy start, among others, from this unit in London, and since her return to Spain she continues collaborating on multiple projects with the King’s College team.

Since 2012, she also collaborates with the team of Professor Guillermo Rus. Her particular interest is to continue researching the preterm birth line, and she bet about that the detection of changes in the structure of the cervix through elastography, opens a new clinical horizon and provides a new tool (already used before with great success in other medical disciplines) with which it hopes to increase the detection rate of preterm delivery by at least 20%. In numbers this percentage can mean a change not reached in the last 50 years in medicine to avoid this condition.

“Working with engineers and members of other disciplines is very important for clinicians who are very used to taking work forward and seeing many patients a day, but we lack another collateral vision and the possibilities of technically advancing our ideas.”