Guillemo Rus-Scientific Advisor

Guillermo Rus

Scientific Advisor

Guillermo Rus (M) [PhD, Professor at UGR] is the Head and founder of the NDE Lab and Ultrasonics Group.

He started his research on computational mechanics at the Universidad de Granada (UGR, 1995), where he disputed the PhD thesis on Numerical Methods for Nondestructive Identification of Defects (2001). He applied these experimentally at the NDE Lab at MIT (USA) as a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, rendering novel robust quantitative approaches to ultrasonics and impact testing. 

He started up the NDE Lab as a lecturer at the UGR, 2003, focusing on interrogating complex materials ranging from CFRP to bone or soft tissue, merging expertises in mechanics, ultrasonics, inverse problems and computational modelling.

He has been postdoc at UCL (UK), MIT (US), NASA (US), Paris 6 University (FR), Linköping Tekniska Högskola (SE), Chalmers (SE), TU Hamburg-Harburg (DE), and collaborates with Caltech (US), Hanyang University (KR), Rochester IT (US), Kings College (UK), etc.