MiguelÁngel Carvajal-Scientific Advisor


Scientific Advisor

PhD on Electronic Engineering (UGr, 2008) and degree in Electronic Engineering (2001) and in Physical Sciences (specialty of Fundamental, year 2000).

Miguel Ángel Carvajal is Professor of the area of ​​Electronic Technology since 2012, and focuses his research on the development of portable instrumentation for physical and chemical sensors.

Since 2003, he has been working on this line of research with various scholarships and contracts until obtaining the position of Full Professor, all within a multidisciplinary working group formed by chemists, physicists and radiophysicists. During this period of time he has published more than 35 articles in several renowned international scientific journals, where he describes the instrumentation and characterization of the equipment and sensors, is co-owner of 3 patents and participates in technology transfer contracts with various companies.

Its line of work is characterized by being of an eminently practical nature, whose ultimate goal is the development of operational prototypes.

His professional career before entering the University earned him not only to acquire the knowledge and skills of teamwork, but to form a resolutive profile when solving problems.